Plant protection products registration in Russia and the CIS

Plant protection products registration in Russia and the CIS


21 November 2019

Russian geneticists to create meat-replacing wheat

Scientists from Novosibirsk have started to breed a new variety of wheat, which will differ from the traditional ones in a high content of zinc. The new variety will be especially useful to those people who have refused to eat meat, as zinc usually enters the human body with products of animal origin.

Breeders have already begun preliminary research and are now figuring out which varieties wheat contain more zinc – the cultural or wild ones. It will likely take the scientists not less than a year to complete this stage of research. The results of their work will be presented in 5 years, i.e. in 2024.

Apart from vegetarians, the new variety of wheat will be recommended to the people suffering from lack of vitamins and microelements. An assumption has been put forward, that it will be in demand in countries with a high level of poverty, where part of the population cannot afford to buy meat in sufficient quantities.


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